Official Movie

GRスープラ 国際版オフィシャル紹介動画

The history of Supra development is the pursuit of “driving pleasure,”

created by the relationship between driver and car.


The history begins in 1978.  歴史は1978年に始まった。

Torque, that builds according to throttle input, and smooth, powerful acceleration.


Linear cornering meets steering input, the joy of control.


Heightened and sophisticated ability to perform as envisioned, under any situation.


Sense the feedback and control the car at will. フィードバックを感知し、車を意のままにあやつる。

It’s as if driver and car become one. それは、ドライバーと車がひとつになったかのよう。

The car that’s pursued driving pleasure now pushes the relationship between driver and car even further.


The Supra has continued to master “driving pleasure”


and now looks to deepen the relationship between driver and car even more.

It’s not about numbers. それは数字ではない。

It’s the pleasure of becoming one with the car. それは、車とひとつになる歓び。

That’s what we’re pursuing. それこそが求めているもの。

That’s the most important part of the new Supra development. それがスープラの開発でもっとも重要とされているパートだ。

The G’s..tire grip…wind..and road conditions changing by the second..the feeling of driving with your senses.


Vehicle response that awakens the driving spirit. 車のレスポンスは、ドライビング・スピリットを目覚めさせる。

Numbers are one thing. 数字はひとつのもの。

Feeling is what matters. フィーリングこそが大事。

A car where driver and car resonate towards a world defined by “driving pleasure.”