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BMW M8 グランクーペと中東発のビジネスリーダーSara Al Madani

Free yourself from the stereotypes, they only chain you to the ground. Just keep going. Sara Al Madani is a serial entrepreneur and a public speaker. She started in fashion and took a U-turn to the tech world, so now 70% of her investment portfolio is tech-related. She is driven by the fact that she only lives once. Take the risk and do the hard work, there’s no such thing as luck. You have to serve from your heart, whatever you do. Don’t surrender to the false belief that we have to be similar. You have the right to be happy and you have the right to be free. BMW and CNN have teamed up to explore the “Art of Leadership” portraying some of the most remarkable creatives, artists and leaders of our time. Focusing on the personal motives that drove these exceptional individuals to inspire modern society, each film will embody the core leadership values of BMW: responsibility, inner strength and independence.

Sara Al Madaniという女性をモデルにM8を紹介しているオフィシャル動画。










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